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Dear friends,

Psalm 20:7 Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.

We were reminded of the Lord’s protection this past week as some of our workers experienced a scary accident. While traveling down the highway, just about 2 miles outside the village, the back axle broke causing the right wheel to totally separated from the Tuk Tuk. Additionally, the front end of the Tuk Tuk got totally tweaked. It remains to be seen as to whether or not it can be made road-worthy. This happened directly in front of the the Buddhist temple. There is no human reason that the entire vehicle did not tip over and throw the 8 workers out onto the road. Of course the accident drew quite a bit of attention. The news immediately spread back to the Cham village that there had been an accident. As is often the case, the accident was exaggerated and news spread among the Muslims that the “foreigner’s god” was very weak and could not protect His followers. (They wrongly assumed that the Tuk Tuk overturned and that people were hurt.) When they finally learned that everyone was safe they were truly amazed. It was reported to me that the news spread throughout the village that “Jesus must be a very powerful God if He is able to keep a Tuk Tuk from overturning and hurting everyone.”  We are thankful for God’s protection as well as for the lessons that we are all learning through this event.

It was a blessing to learn that three of the young Christian children immediately gathered together to pray for those in the accident. One of the children who gathered to pray is twelve year old SreyNeen. SreyNeen has been saved for a couple of months and she loves the Lord. She is the only believer in her family. Her father, Doun, is the “High Priest” of the local Mosque and is very much opposed to our group being in his village. SreyNeen has been forbidden by her parents to attend any more of our Bible studies yet she continues to come every week. Her courage and faith is truly humbling. She gives testimony that her mother slaps her face every time she thanks God for her food. It was so sad to hear this past week of the question that she asked Miss Eng. She asked, “Would it be okay if I start praying with my eyes open?  My mom beats me every time she sees me praying and I am scared to even go home.” God is truly doing something wonderful right now among the Cham people. There have been four more professions of faith in the past two weeks and the enemy is not happy. Please remember to pray for the Cham believers to have an unwavering and uncompromising faith and that they will continue to be a bold witness in their village.

The children’s ministry here in Phnom Penh continues to go strong. This past Sunday there were 125 children who walked to the church. We started the children’s ministry for several reasons but two of the primary reasons are 1) To provide an opportunity for our national believers to gain experience in soul-winning and teaching 2) To use the children’s ministry as an opportunity to meet Jr. High young people who will get saved and become a part of the regular Sunday morning and evening services. We are so happy that both of these goals are being met. This past Sunday we had twelve of the Jr. High young people return for our evening service. Some of them have made professions of faith and are faithful on Sunday mornings as well. Miss Eng and Miss Kahna are meeting with SreyTou (12 years old), SreySrahs (14 years old), and SreyGe (14 years old) even as I am typing this update. They are teaching through an evangelistic Bible study and we expect these three young folks will accept Christ very soon. It is so important to invest the necessary time and resources into reaching this generation and we are thankful to have workers who are eager to do so. Please help pray for the young people here at Pacific Baptist Church to be a shining light in their homes and neighborhood.

We are three weeks into a Scripture memory and attendance competition. We are challenging everyone to memorize James chapter one as well as not to miss one service for the next ten weeks. It has been a blessing to see how hard everyone is working to memorize their verses. Cheun takes his Scripture memory very seriously. Bro. Keo led Cheun to the Lord several months ago. Since then we have seen definite spiritual growth in his life. It has been a blessing to see him in every church service along with his younger siblings.

Maldy and his family began attending our church the very first Sunday that we held public services. They were saved prior to coming to our ministry but were part of a worldly Cambodian church. As they began learning God’s Word they began allowing the Lord to make changes in their lives. They came to the conviction that the career they were both in was contrary to God’s will for their lives and so they quit their jobs. This decision had serious financial implications. For several months they were able to live off of the money they received from selling their moped. Eventually the money ran out and they were still not able to find employment. They were forced to move out of their rented apartment here in Phnom Penh and return to their village in Kandal province. They were absent from church for a time but have recently returned. This time it was not on a moped – they were riding bikes. Yesterday Bro. Keo and I had the opportunity to go see their house in the village. It is a very simple wood and straw shack yet they gave testimony of their joy in the Lord and their desire to see their unsaved family saved. Their faith is very convicting to say the least. Imagine riding a bike 26 miles round trip to go to church. I suspect that there are many folks who would not drive 26 miles round trip in their $30,000, air-conditioned, CD-equipped, 2011 model car in order to be a part of a Christ-honoring church. I wonder how some of our flimsy excuses will hold up someday at the Judgment Seat?

We recently began making contacts in a new area just a few blocks from the church. This area is bordered by an open sewer and is populated by the poorest of the poor. We are hoping to be able to start a neighborhood Bible club there in the near future. In the mean time several folks from this area have begun to come to church. These three children support their family by selling boiled peanuts on the street. Last Thursday Debbie and I were walking home at 8:30 p.m. from our weekly date night and ran into them still working. It’s so sad to see young children like these robbed of their childhood. It is very likely that the only love these children ever experience is the love they feel when they come to church. Pray that God will open more doors in this area and that He will guide our workers to adults and children who are receptive to God’s Word. Click on this link to see a brief video update on this new area. http://www.vimeo.com/29952438

Thank you for your faithful prayer and support for this ministry. It is always a blessing to hear from you.

Because of God’s grace,

Dave, Debbie, Joshua, Jeremy, and Jason

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