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December 18, 2011

Dear friends,

We had a great weekend. The spirit in the services was great. As usual it was very crowded and there was no where for people to sit if they came a bit late.

We have been working on Vuthy and PhanNy for some time now. They are from Prak Pnouv village. You may recall that we had our OPERATION GO! soul-winning team in Prak Pnouv to pass out tracts and share the Gospel. Vuthy’s family was the first family that I met on the first day of soul-winning in that village. He finally came to the point where he was willing to humble himself and accept Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. This past Thursday he called me and invited me to his home so Joshua and I traveled to the village and shared lunch with his family. During our time there he placed his faith in Jesus Christ. We were so happy to see him and PhanNy in the service this morning. We thank a special friend in Long Beach who paid for most of the tracts that we passed out in this village. Because of their gift Vuthy is now saved. We are hoping to be able to start a church in this village this next year. Please help pray for Vuthy and his family to grow in the Lord. They will face a lot of persecution due to the fact that his uncle, who lives with them, is a key leader at the Buddhist temple.

This past Friday evening Thyna accepted Christ as his personal Saviour. He was at church this morning and evening. He even stayed for the afternoon children’s ministry and helped pick up some of the children. This evening he shared a testimony during the service about the joy that he has knowing that Jesus has paid the price for his sin and that his heart is now clean. We will have two of our young men assigned to help disciple him. Please pray that Thyna will grow in his new found faith.

Two months ago we started two Saturday morning children’s clubs next to the sewer not far from our church. Since then we have been working many adult prospects in that area as well. I have made it my purpose to try and get close to Mao and his friends. They are all university students and come from Svi Reang province. Initially they only wanted to know me so that they could practice their English with me. However, the past two weeks they seem to have taken an interest in our church. This morning several of them showed up for the service. Mao and Vanarith returned for the evening service. None of these young men are professing believers but we hope that they will soon come to know the Lord. Please pray that Mao, Sarith, Rado, and Vanarith will be saved very soon.

One of our goals this next year is to start an English speaking service that targets young adults. I believe that in the next several years it is entirely possible that the strongest element of our church in Phnom Penh will be English speaking. At the present time we have English speaking converts from Battambang province, Kandal province, Svi Reang province, Kombong Thom province, Kombong Chhnang province, and Phnom Penh. Do doubt God is going to use some of these young men in the future to help us start churches in each of these provinces. Please help pray about that. Maybe God is calling you to come to Cambodia to help train national leaders…?

Dara visited the service this morning. His mother is a believer and lives in another province. She has been a good testimony to him and has encouraged him to seek the Lord. It was a blessing that God led Bro. Keo across Dara’s path this past week. Dara has been wanting to go to church but he was not sure what church was the right one. This morning he raised his hand during the invitation time after I preached indicating that he wants to know how to be saved. We gave him some tracts and a booklet that explains the Gospel message. Bro. Keo will begin meeting with him on Tuesday with the goal of leading him to the Lord. Please pray that God will continue to work in Dara’s heart and that he will respond by accepting the free gift of salvation.

Bro. Keo and Bro. Sinath have been working with Kosal for a couple of months now. In recent weeks I have been able to help answer some of his questions as well. We were so happy that he finally attended church today. He works seven days a week as a security guard and translator and it is very hard for him to get time off to come to church. He told me this past week that he believes in Jesus 99%. He said that the only thing keeping him from believing 100% is the fact that his wife is not yet willing to believe. I explained to him that his decision to follow Christ is a personal one and it is not dependent upon the approval of anyone else. Please pray that Kosal will accept Christ very soon.

Bro. Maldy and his wife continue to be very faithful to church every week. As you may recall, Maldy and his wife ride their bikes with their two young daughters 26 miles to come to church each Sunday. This past week Bro. Sinath and I rode our bikes to his village to fellowship with him as well as to help witness to his 74 year-old mother. Maldy and his wife have a very humble spirit. He was excited to show us his garden (which helps to support his family) as well as his new bathroom. You will notice that it is quite a bit different than the model bathrooms you might see at Home Depot or on your favorite home improvement show. Their faith and contentment is very convicting. We are humbled each Sunday as they bring us cucumbers from their own garden. When I ask him if there is anything that I can do for them he always responds that God has given them everything they need. * In case you get the bright idea to ride your bike 26 miles to go follow-up on one of your church members, I would HIGHLY recommend that you work your way up to the 26 miles. Perhaps it would be good to start by riding around the block for a few weeks… take it from two of us who found out the hard way! 🙂

We wanted to give you some idea of how we buy most of our fruit and vegetables. This short video is of Debbie shopping at the local market near our church. The traffic is in front of the market.

Because of God’s grace,

Dave, Debbie, Joshua, Jeremy, and Jason

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