September 18, 2016

September 18, 2016

Dear friends,

You can click on the video below to get an update from this weekend along with a sampling of some of the special music in the Khmer language.


We had a wonderful service here in Phnom Penh this Sunday morning. It’s always a blessing to have the opportunity to meet together in the Lord’s house and see folks from different walks of life fellowship together in Christian love and unity. We are always thankful for the safety God grants to those who travel to get to church as well as for the safety we enjoy while everyone is here on the property.


Thank the Lord for 12 folks who followed the Lord in Believer’s Baptism. Here in Southeast Asia it is common for the persecution to begin once a believer takes the step of baptism. PLEASE PRAY FOR THE FOLKS WHO WERE BAPTIZED TO BE FAITHFUL IN THEIR WALK WITH THE LORD AND IN THEIR TESTIMONY AMONG THEIR LOST FAMILY MEMBERS.


These folks sang a song reminding us that the Lord is returning and that is is important for everyone to be ready. We are blessed by their faithfulness to the Lord. Several of the folks in this group have experienced in the past, or are at the present time experiencing great persecution because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Nearly everyone in this picture was saved out of Islam. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR THE FOLKS IN PSA TRICHT VILLAGE TO BE FAITHFUL TO THE LORD.


Bro. Vong, Bro. Sinath, and Bro. Chhay are doing a great job working with the folks from PreyBang village. In recent days there has been a group of Koreans pursuing our members who live in this village and a couple of villages nearby. They use their normal method of trying to “buy” converts to their group by offering the nationals gifts and finances in order to join with them. Some fringe folks were lured away for a short time but once they actually attended that “church” they discovered there was no substance to their message and no true love for the Lord. They discovered that they were merely being used for the purposes of that group. Groups like that are somewhat common here in this part of the world. Thankfully they don’t normally speak the language and have to hire translators (that tells the thinking national a lot right there when someone does not care about them enough to even bother to learn the language and culture). I don’t think anyone in this picture was part of that group. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR BRO. SINATH AND THE FOLKS IN PREYBANG VILLAGE.


This group of children did a fantastic job of singing a song entitled “Sunday is Here!” The song talks about the joy that believers experience when they gather together on the Lord’s day in the Lord’s house. Mrs. Has and Susanna Esposito are doing a great job working with these children. It is a blessing to be a part of  church that places value upon children. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR THE CHILDREN WHO ARE A PART OF THE CHURCH HERE IN PHNOM PENH.


Our English ensemble sang the song “We Choose the Fear of the Lord” based on Proverbs 9:10 which says,The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.” This group invested a lot of time learning this song and I believe the Lord was glorified through their singing. Every one of the young people in this group not only go to school full-time but they are also very involved in ministry here at the church. Some of them teach in the Phnom Penh Children’s Ministry. Some of them travel each week several hours to minister in villages outside of Phnom Penh. Mrs. Board is doing a great job leading and developing this group.


These folks are part of our newest outreach in Stung MeanChey. Ten of those in this picture are new believers who have been saved only a few months. We are blessed to see how God is working in Stung MeanChey through this ministry outreach. It is a difficult area in which to minister due to the pervasive poverty and the saturation of NGO groups and various “churches.” PLEASE REMEMBER TO PRAY FOR BRO. MAN AND HIS WIFE, KAHNA, AS WELL AS BRO. KOSAL AND HIS WIFE, PHALLEY, AS THEY INVEST THEIR LIVES IN THIS NEW OUTREACH.


This was Phary’s first time to attend a service here in Phnom Penh. Her son, Phanya, was saved and baptized a few months ago. She accepted Christ within the past few weeks and has been studying with Bro. Sinath and the folks in PreyBang village. Phary has six children and it is my understanding that her husband was recently laid off of his construction job. Her life is a difficult one. It was good to see her in church this morning with a smile. PRAY FOR PHARY AND THE MANY OTHER LADIES IN OUR CHURCH WHO HAVE UNBELIEVING HUSBANDS.


Ra and his wife, SreyPich, shared a testimony during the service of how they came to Christ and the changes that have taken place since coming to know the Lord. They were both saved out of Islam and continue to live in a village that is entirely Muslim. Ra works as an electronics repairman but is really thinking about what God would have for his future. PRAY FOR THIS YOUNG COUPLE AS THEY PURSUE GOD’S WILL FOR THEIR LIVES.


Ta Sakrut shared his testimony of salvation this morning. I gave him a 5 minute allotment to share whatever God placed on his heart – 19 minutes later he was done sharing! 🙂 Things tend to go that way sometimes. I can truly say that his testimony was the highlight of our service. As a retired University professor he is not only eloquent in his speaking but he has a real gift to know how to connect with people. He is in his 70’s, retired, and not in the best of health, but is full of the joy of the Lord! He has been saved for less than 5 months. In his testimony he gave some details of his search for truth and for God over these many years. He was reached through door-to-door soul-winning as Bro. Man and other nationals took the time over several weeks to help him see his need of salvation. He shared that once he came to the belief that Jesus is God and the only way to have his sins forgiven was to trust the work of Jesus Christ on the cross, he then took all of his idols, amulets, and other occultic items and destroyed them. His children all think he is crazy but he said he will never return to idols and the devil. He challenged each of us to be zealous in our witness to the lost. As he grows in his understanding of the Word of God and his walk with the Lord, I would love to have him write some booklets in Khmer dealing with various aspects of faith and practice. PLEASE PRAY THAT HE WILL HAVE THE NECESSARY HEALTH TO BE ABLE TO HELP US PUT INTO WRITING SOME MATERIALS IN KHMER THAT WILL HELP DISCIPLE AND STRENGTHEN THE FAITH OF CAMBODIAN BELIEVERS FOR GENERATIONS TO COME.

Those of you who speak Khmer may want to listen to Ta Sakrut’s testimony on the video below. Due to the noise taking place Sunday morning next to our church there are a few times when it is hard to hear him, but for the most part his voice is clear. Keep in mind that he has only been saved for a little over 4 months and is still growing in his understanding of the Word of God. That being said, it is amazing to hear him talking about things that none of us have ever taught him – It must be that he has a special Teacher from above! 🙂


Both is a senior this year and studies in a private school here in Phnom Penh. Lord willing, I will begin meeting with him one-on-one this Wednesday afternoon. He was won to Christ through the example of his English professor and he has been faithful to as many church services as possible. He has a lot of restrictions and is unable to be a part of much of what goes on here at the church due to the fact that his family does not know Christ. PRAY THAT GOD WILL BLESS OUR WEEKLY TIME OF DISCIPLESHIP AND THAT BOTH WILL TAKE A STRONG STAND FOR THE LORD IN HIS OWN FAMILY. 


We met Saroeun and his wife, Chanthy, Saturday morning while making visits in their village. Saroeun used to attend some type of church several years ago for about 6 months but has no understanding of salvation. We were able to spend quite a bit of time showing him some verses that we hope will cause him to take the Lord seriously. Chanthy was kind to us but point blank told us that she has no interest in knowing anything about Jesus Christ. However, she laid on the hammock and listened as I spoke to her husband. I hope to meet with Sarouen very soon. PRAY THAT SAROEUN AND CHANTHY WILL COME TO SEE THEIR NEED OF SALVATION AND BE SAVED.


We were also able to meet 87 year old Ta Lote and his wife, Yey Bo. He was very receptive to everything we taught him. After spending perhaps 30-40 minutes talking to him, the rest of our team (Bro. Sinath, Jeremy, and Ra) met up with us and were able to help talk to them as well. Sunday afternoon I brought them an MP3 player with teaching to help awaken him to his need of salvation. He admitted to me that after many many years of following his religion and trying to earn merit – he has ultimately been left with no hope. He certainly has no expectation of ever making it to Heaven. I hope to return to his house again Tuesday morning. PRAY THAT THIS ELDERLY COUPLE WILL HAVE THE ABILITY TO UNDERSTAND THE GOSPEL AND A HEART TO RECEIVE IT AS TRUTH.


This week 7 new mp3 players were distributed to different families. Two of the units went to new believers and were loaded with preaching to help them in their walk with the Lord. Five of the units went to non-believers with whom the nationals are presently working. The teaching on those units will be useful in helping to awaken them to their guilt before God and their need for a personal Saviour. Wednesday morning we will be swapping SD memory cards with 10 other families who are already saved and faithfully serving the Lord. These cards will be loaded with new preaching that they have not yet heard. We want to thank those who have given to help provide mp3 players, Bibles, and other materials for the benefit of the lost and the newly saved. PLEASE PRAY THAT THE 5 UNITS THAT WENT TO THE LOST WILL BE USED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT TO BRING ABOUT CONVICTION IN THE HEARTS OF THOSE WHO LISTEN TO THE PREACHING AND TEACHING.

We will be leaving in a few days to go teach and preach in a “creative access nation” where our team has planted a new church. We plan to be gone for about 10 days during which time we will have the opportunity to teach on Christian leadership as well as teach the entire book of Philippians. PLEASE PRAY FOR SAFETY WHILE SERVING IN THAT COUNTRY AS WELL AS FOR THE WORD OF GOD TO BEAR FRUIT THAT REMAINS IN THE LIVES OF THE NATIONAL BELIEVERS WE WILL BE DISCIPLING.

Because of God’s grace,

Dave, Debbie, Joshua, Jeremy, and Jason

2 thoughts on “September 18, 2016

  1. Praise the Lord! Always an encouragement to us back in the states. Thank God for the work He has allowed you guys to do over there.

  2. Boards,
    Thank you for posting the things we are to pray for. I do pray at the times I read your letters.

    We had a blessed time at our old time camp meeting. We had seven home grown preachers! Theme was the Old Paths. Good time, godly preaching, yummy foods, and good fellowship.

    Maryanna in Silver Springs, NV

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