July 10, 2017

July 10, 2017

Dear friends,

We had a wonderful weekend here in Cambodia! Thank you for praying for the ministry here in Southeast Asia. God is doing some amazing things in this part of the world for His glory.


7.10.17-ThyThy is the mother of one of our faithful teen girls named NeyNey. She has been attending our married couple’s class for the past several Sunday evenings and I believe that she is close to accepting Christ as her Saviour. Please pray for Thy to be saved soon.

7.10.17-SreyRoeuthSreyRoeuth is the mother of two of our faithful folks here in Phnom Penh. Her son, Noi (20 years old), recently began leading our Sunday morning song service and her daughter, SreyNak (16 years old) faithfully services each week in the Phnom Penh church as well as one of our village ministries. Both Noi and SreyNak were reached several years ago through the Phnom Penh Children’s Ministry. We are so blessed to see that their mother seems to be opening up to the gospel. Please pray for SreyRoeuth to be saved soon.

7.10.17-SavongSavong lives just a couple of blocks from the church and has been witnessed to by several of our ladies over the past few weeks. Last night she attended our married couple’s class and was welcomed by everyone. This week she will receive an mp3 player loaded with evangelistic teaching that will help her to more clearly understand her need to be saved. Please pray that she will allow the Holy Spirit to work in her heart and that she will be saved soon.


7.10.17-College-Missions-Trip-1This past month our Bible college students were able to go on their very first foreign missions trip to a “creative access” country. The purpose of the trip was to expose them to the needs here in this part of the world and to help direct them to other cultures and people groups who are in need of the gospel message.

7.10.17The students were able to experience what life is like in another culture and in a place where they don’t understand one word that was spoken. Each student shared a testimony in church this past week of how the Lord worked in their hearts as they saw the needs outside of their own country.

7.10.17 UndergdWhile we were in the “creative access” country our students were able to experience what it is like to attend an underground church service. Because most of our students don’t speak English, I preached in Khmer for the benefit of our students and the missionary serving in that country (who is from Cambodia) translated the message into the language of the people there in the village. It was definitely an experience that none of us will soon forget. Thank God for the freedom that we currently enjoy here in Cambodia.

Because of God’s grace,

Dave, Debbie, Joshua, Jeremy, and Jason

One thought on “July 10, 2017

  1. Thank you for the letter. I will be in prayer for these folks you mentioned to be saved.

    Mark Bentley
    Midwestern Baptist.

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