July 23, 2018

July 23, 2018

Dear friends,

Here is a video interview we did this morning with Brother Mike West. In this video he is sharing some insight on what he has witnessed while visiting us here on the mission field.

7.22.18 Family NightWe had great services at each of the locations this weekend but we especially enjoyed our Family Night last night here at church. It was wonderful to see everyone enjoying the events that were planned as well as listening intently as the Word of God was preached.

7.22.18 LakhenaLakhena recently accepted Jesus as her personal Saviour. Yesterday morning we presented her with a new Bible during the morning service because she completed the 100 question booklet from the Gospel of Mark. Pray that Lakhena will get grounded in the Word of God and get planted in the life of the church.

7.22.18 Srey NithSrey Nith also received a new Bible after completing the questions on the Book of Mark. She is friends with a couple of the girls in the picture and they were instrumental in helping to bring her to the Lord. Sadly, this week her family is moving her to a village that is far from here and she will no longer have the opportunity to be a part of our church. She has such a sweet spirit as a new Christian and we hope and pray that she will continue to walk with the Lord. It’s a story that’s repeated too often here in Cambodia: young people get saved and then a short time later their parents force them to move away. Most of the time we never see them again. We can only hope that there will one day be a solid church planted in their village.

Because of God’s grace,

Dave & Debbie

7 thoughts on “July 23, 2018

  1. Praise God for what is taking place near the Moslem village. May God protect the believers, those who are willing to listen, and those who preach the Word there. I wish we could return to Cambodia to be part of the work there, but at 77 and declining strength, it’s not possible. Praying for you.

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