November 19, 2018

November 19, 2018

Dear friends,


11.12.18 new locationWe are thrilled to report to you that our bid for this land was approved and this property will become ours on November 26th. Our church here in Cambodia gave toward this significant purchase but the land could not have been secured without the generous gifts of God’s people abroad. We are so thankful for those who helped give so that we would have the ability to buy this land. By God’s grace, we have completed phase one [the purchase of the lot of land], and within the next few weeks hope to begin phase two [the elevation of our land to prevent flooding, and the building of a cement wall around the circumference of the property which will provide some security]. Please watch the short video below in order to see the land as well as get an update on our progress.


11.12.18 national leader planningWe are so blessed to have the privilege to serve alongside so many nationals who have been saved here at Pacific Baptist Church and discipled in the Word of God. Many of the folks in this picture have paid a high price, not for being a Christian, but for being a Christian who is faithful to the Word of God.

This past week we had our second planning meeting with those who are serving in ministry full-time. I am so thankful for their spirit and the unity that we enjoy. Please help us pray that there will be a hedge of protection placed around these folks and their families as we enter into our building program. I know that the enemy will look for opportunities to cause strife and division.

11.12.18 faithful national menSo many of our national men faithfully serve the Lord. These three men and their wives have given their entire life to help reach their own people here in Cambodia. Man, (blue shirt on the left), oversees the outreach in Stung MeanChey and is doing a wonderful job training the new believers there. This term he taught The Major Prophets class in the Bible College. Vannak, (in the middle), oversees the outreach in Ondong village and also helps preach at all of our various village outreaches. This term he taught Romans as well as 1 & 2 Peter in the Bible College. Kosal, (on the right), recently began going to Udong village and is going soul-winning with some of our folks from Stung MeanChey as well as some of the folks who are a part of the outreach in PsaTricht village. It is our goal to see a village church planted in Udong in 2020. Lord willing, Kosal will be teaching Khmer grammar and composition in the Bible College beginning in  January 2019. Humanly speaking, these men as well as others are the key to helping us train the next generation of young believers here in Cambodia. With more than 8,000 villages that are without any real gospel witness the need is great and the laborers are few. If over the next five years we could double the number of villages where we have preaching points or where we have villages churches planted, we would still be way behind! One of the primary reasons for us relocating to our own property is so that we will be able to more effectively train national men from our outlying village ministries without the concern that we won’t be able to any longer afford the rising rental prices or even face eviction from unbelieving landlords. Please help us pray that our new location will become a mighty tool that will help us effectively win men to Christ and see them trained for the ministry.

11.12.18 PBBC missions classOne effective way that we disciple the new believers here is through our Bible College and Bible Institute. It is always a blessing to see the young people (and a couple who aren’t so young) growing in their knowledge of the Word of God. Each of these folks are involved in our village outreaches and are blessed to gain a lot of practical ministry experience. Please help us pray that the college will continue to be used to help ground national believers and that because of the things they are learning as well as the experience they are gaining many new villages will be reached with the gospel.

11.12.18 couples classWe are so blessed to have a number of married couples in Phnom Penh who desire to learn more about how to have a Christian family. Each Sunday after a time of testimonies and singing I teach principles relating to the home. This past Sunday evening we dealt with the importance of having the father and mother unified in the disciplining of the children – a concept that is virtually unheard of in today’s culture here in our part of the world.

11.12.18 deaf outreach Miss Grace devotes many hours each week to trying to reach the deaf with the gospel as well as disciple those who have been saved. Due to some of their work hours I think it is difficult for some of the deaf to make it to our regular church services and their lack of involvement in the “mainstream” of the church life has stunted their spiritual growth. God has given Grace the patience and wisdom to help them but I know that it is a real challenge. Please continue to pray for the deaf ministry here at Pacific Baptist.

11.12.18 ch permitWe are presently going through the process of renewing our church permit. We hit a few bumps in the road but I believe they have been ironed out. The paperwork has passed through each level of government starting with our local village chief and going all the way up to the national level. The paperwork is now on the desk of the folks who will issue the final documents in order to renew our permit for two more years. Please pray that everything will run smoothly and we can get this process behind us within the next couple of weeks.

Please pray for the following three adults in Phnom Penh with whom we are presently working to be saved: Meng Ny, Srey Leak, and MaYou.

Because of God’s grace,

Dave & Debbie



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