September 15, 2019

September 15, 2019

Dear friends,

Recently our English choir sang the song “I Believe God” during our Sunday morning service. Here is a video of them practicing. We are thankful for all the hard work these young people invest into preparing their specials. They always strive to do their best for God’s glory even though English is not their first language.


Here is a short video update where we discuss four of our new Bible college students as well as give a brief update on the new building.

9.15.19 New Bible College studentsThank you for praying for these recent high school graduates. They will begin Bible college this coming Tuesday. As you saw in the video, several of their parents do not yet know the Lord. Please pray that through their example we might see Srey Nak and BouKong’s parents saved.

We believe that it is the responsibility of the local church to help disciple believers to spiritual maturity. It is for that purpose that we started the Bible college. This term we anticipate offering the following classes: Principles of Biblical Counseling, Principles of Biblical Leadership, Homiletics, How to teach children the Bible, Minor Prophets, Survey of World History, Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, and Angels – Satan – and Demons.

9.15.19 Progess on the new buildingA lot of progress was made on the new property this past week despite having torrential downpours several days. It’s amazing how quickly things dry up under the blazing sun after the rain. Please continue to pray that this project will move forward in God’s timing and that He will continue to supply the needs that we have through His people.

Because of God’s grace,

Dave, Debbie, Joshua, and Jason




One thought on “September 15, 2019

  1. What a blessing to see young people save years ago now faithful, or becoming Bible College students! Also, a blessing to see your building rise up from the ground.

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