January 28, 2018

January 28, 2018

Dear friends,

Click on the video to see a short greeting that we shot after the service this evening. FYI – the marks on my shirt are the result of one of our teen girls accidentally dropping a can of Coke on  the tile floor and it exploding all over everyone who was standing near her. 🙂

Click on the video below to hear the folks singing a verse of “To God be the Glory” during the service in Phnom Penh this evening. They love to sing!

1.29.18 2018 ThemeThis evening we introduced the church theme for 2018 which is “That our God might be exalted.” Much of the preaching and teaching this year will focus on four areas in which we are to exalt the name of Jesus Christ: 1) In our body and spirit, 2) In our families, 3) In our church, and 4) In our community. We believe that focusing on this theme throughout the year will result in all of us walking closer to the Lord as well as in new folks being saved through the testimony of the members of Pacific Baptist Church of Cambodia. Brother Vong did a great job designing the theme banners for us!

1.29.18 SophalWe had several of the leaders give reports during the service on various ministries. Sophal gave a report on the outreach to Romdeng Village. It was a true blessing for us to hear of the souls that are being saved and lives changed through the efforts of Sophal and the workers who regularly make the long commute to that remote village. This evening he shared that there are a couple of young adults who have been recently saved and who have expressed an interest in studying in the Bible College. Over the next 6-7 weeks, as they are being discipled, we will be trying to assess if it is the Lord’s will for them to do so or if it would be better to hold off for a few more months. PLEASE PRAY THAT THE WORKERS WHO ARE CLOSELY CONNECTED WITH THESE TWO YOUNG PEOPLE WILL HAVE WISDOM AND DISCERNMENT TO HELP GIVE THEM DIRECTION. We know that, in the long run, there needs to be a national from the village who is called of God and equipped to lead the future church plant. Perhaps these two young adults will become those future leaders.

1.29.18 Socheat and SreyLeakSoCheat and SreyLeak both trusted Christ this past year and have been growing by leaps and bounds. However, their new lives as believers have not gone without many trials. Their baby son, Hang, has spent many weeks in the hospital and required their 24-hour care by his side. After just being released for a couple of weeks, he was once again admitted to the hospital this past week. Every time this happens it not only causes them great concern as parents but they also take a serious financial hit that they can ill afford to take. Several months ago they opened their own “stand” in the market where they sell noodles. Each time Hang is hospitalized they are forced to shut it down in order to care for him. They are a part of the outreach in PsaTricht village but while their son is sick they are residing here in Phnom Penh and attending the church here in the city. This morning Socheat was in the service while SreyLeak stayed at the hospital. This evening she came to church while Socheat cared for Hang. The truth is that if you didn’t know the trial they are going through first-hand, you would never guess they are going though this trial. They both have the joy of the Lord in their heart and huge smiles on their faces. They are a true testimony of how we all ought to be during difficult times. PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS YOUNG COUPLE TO TRUST THE LORD. (This picture was taken about 6 months ago.)

1.29.18 Savuth MalisIt was a great joy to begin new believer discipleship with Savuth and Malis this past week. They are a part of the outreach in Stung MeanChey district. We are planning to meet with them each Thursday morning in our home as we invest personal time into their lives. They run their own textile export business and are willing to take time off each week in order to be discipled. PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS YOUNG COUPLE AND THEIR FAMILY TO CONTINUE TO GROW IN THE LORD.

1.29.18 SokDenWe were blessed to be able to begin new believer discipleship with SokDen this past week as well. We reached him through door-to-door soul-winning several months ago and he is a part of the church here in Phnom Penh. This past week he began a new job that requires the vast majority of his time. Even though his schedule is very tight he is willing to meet with me weekly as we help him learn the Word of God and encourage him to grow in his walk of obedience to the Lord. PLEASE PRAY FOR SOKDEN TO CONTINUE TO GROW AND FOR HIM TO HAVE THE STRENGTH TO MAINTAIN HIS HEAVY SCHEDULE WITH JOY.

1.29.18 Michelle MakaraPLEASE PRAY FOR MICHELLE AND MAKARA AS THEY HAVE TRAVELED TO MAKARA’S VILLAGE TO DISCIPLE NEW BELIEVERS AS WELL AS TO SHARE THE GOSPEL WITH MAKARA’S LOST FAMILY MEMBERS. They have brought two mp3 players with them that are loaded with evangelistic teaching as well as preaching intended to help disciple new believers grow in their understanding of the Christian life. The village is quite remote and Michelle will definitely be out of her comfort zone this week! Michelle and Makara both have such sweet and submissive spirits and it’s refreshing for Debbie and I just to be around them. They will not return back to Phnom Penh until Sunday evening this next week.

1.29.18 new tuktuksIt was a great blessing to have two of our new tuk tuks arrive this week! We are still awaiting the arrival of one more. Lord willing it will be competed sometime tomorrow. We want to again say a special thank you to those who made the purchase of these tuk tuks possible. We trust they will result in many being reached for Christ.

Because of  God’s grace,

Dave & Debbie

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