February 4, 2018

February 4, 2018

Dear friends,

Here is a short video we shot yesterday while out making some follow-up visits. PLEASE PRAY FOR NUT TO BE SAVED. We thank God for Bro. Vannak and his workers who faithfully make visits to this part of town. There are souls being saved and new believers discipled because of their service to the Lord.

2.4.18 PsaTricht training

This past week we had the privilege to have a workers meeting for the folks who are serving in the PsaTricht village work. We had several sessions each directed to specific aspects of the ministry there as well as one joint session where I challenged them to all remain faithful in living for the Lord and in their soul-winning and discipling of new believers. These folks love the Lord and are a great challenge to us. Many of them have paid a price to serve the Lord as they very often are shunned and persecuted by the Muslims in their village. PRAY FOR THE OUTREACH IN PSA TRICHT TO CONTINUE TO MOVE AHEAD IN 2018!

2.4.18 PsaTricht nursery workersWhile Bro. Has and Bro. Vannak taught sessions for some of the workers, I taught a session for the nursery workers dealing with why their care during the preaching service for the very small children is perhaps the most important ministry in the church. It is a rare thing to find a church in Cambodia that has a successful nursery staffed by all volunteer church members who joyfully serve every time the doors are open. We thank God for these ladies in Psa Tricht village who love babies and joyfully serve the Lord!

2.4.18 PsaTricht mens meetingDuring the day of training we met with the men in Psa Tricht and challenged them to take a step of faith and begin financially supporting the national couple who is overseeing the work there in the village. It was truly a blessing to see the unity that these men have and to be able to lead them in taking this important step of faith and obedience. The men were unanimous in their vote to begin paying a salary to Bro. San and his wife, Yom. While the amount they are able to pay is not enough to cover all of his expenses, it is a great step of faith and will be a blessing to this dear national couple who have faithfully served them and continue to make sacrifices in order to see them come to maturity in Christ.

2.4.18 Sarey and LyDebbie and I have an appointment to meet with Sarey and his wife, Ly, Monday evening for dinner. This family is from Elephant Den Village. You may recall that last year we were actively traveling to that village and had a small children’s outreach that met each Sunday afternoon. We had several adults with whom we were working and felt as though some of them were close to being saved. Sarey and Ly were two of those adults. I led Sarey’s 86 year old father to the Lord and he was faithful for about 6 months until one day he suddenly passed away. When he died, the entire village blamed his death on the fact that he had stopped offering sacrifices to the “territorial spirits” that they believe protected the village. After that, our presence in the village was no longer welcome. Sarey and Ly were fearful of fellow villagers and what they would say if anyone knew that they were still in communication with us. This past week he contacted me via phone asking how we were doing and indicating that they would like to get together. PLEASE PRAY THAT THE DINNER APPOINTMENT WILL GO WELL AND THAT WE WILL ONCE AGAIN HAVE A CLEAR OPPORTUNITY TO PRESENT THE PLAN OF SALVATION TO THEM AND APPEAL FOR THEM TO TURN FROM IDOLS TO THE LIVING GOD.

Because of God’s grace,

Dave & Debbie

2 thoughts on “February 4, 2018

  1. Thanks for the prayer letter. So good to hear all the praise reports, and the great work that is being accomplished in your ministry. Give my best to all there.

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